SMU Foundation's Executive Program in Leadership & Public Policy is a high-level training program organized within the Mediterranean School of Business (MSB), which aims to build leadership, public policy planning and management capacities for public sector officers.

Format: 4 Modules - 4 Months
35 hours /month
40 Candidates/Cohort
80 officers trained in 2018-2019
400  Officers to train by 2025
90% Satisfaction Rate



  • Senior managers in the public administration

  • Sector leaders in private and non-profit sectors



Excellent professors from renowned universities (Harvard, Stanford, Political Science - Paris) and recognized for their great professional experience in the management of public policies and their pedagogical ability to deliver high-level training.


Interactive: training coupled with real case analysis

État de la pensée en économie de développement :
• Revue de l’évolution de la pensée en économie du développement.
• Stratégies de croissance et méthodes d’évaluation et de priorisation des investissements publics.
• Etudes de cas : Evaluation et hiérarchisation des investissements publics.


Méthodes d’analyse et de choix des politiques publiques :
• Développement des capacités analytiques.
• Approche structurée facile à assimiler et à utiliser.
• Pratique du suivi et de l’évaluation des politiques publiques.


Pratique de l’analyse des politiques publiques:
• Mise en pratique: cas réels de problématiques de politiques publiques.
• Travail en groupes puis exposé en plénière pour promouvoir l’esprit critique
et la capacité analytique des participants.


De l’analyse à l’action - Importance de la capacité de mise en oeuvre:
• Analyse des acteurs de la technique de formation des coalitions.
• Développement du leadership et de la capacité de conduite du changement.
• Méthodes de négociation et de communication publique.


“One of the best trainings I have ever had so far.
It allowed me to reconnect with the economic fundamentals that I left behind after graduating from ENA. Thanks to this program, I gained back the necessary skills that are essential  to all public servants.”

Samia Essayeh,

Leadership & Public Policy Program 2019
Head Office Public Services - 
 Government Presidency

Beyond the four modules built with a lot of pedagogy, I especially appreciated the quality of the exchanges. The case studies were very effective and useful to understand the application of theoretical knowledge to practical and real situations. In all honesty, I can only highlight positive points. In summary I would say thank you again for this great learning experience.


Faycel Zidi,
Assistant professor, Higher School of Sciences
Economic and Commercial of Tunis, ESSECT



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